If you have received an invitation to an Indian wedding and if you're not quite sure what to wear, you've come to the right place. Indian weddings are extravagant events, very royal and grand. As a wedding guest, however the excitement is followed by confusion -  "What do I wear to an Indian wedding?" With that challenge in mind, Leasing Looks has provided a list of events and their significance in a typical Indian wedding along with suggestions on what you can wear at each event to look and feel fabulous.

THE MEHENDI (Henna Party)

 The Mehendi event is when all the women gather with the bride to get Mehendi (henna) applied on their hands. This event is very colorful, vibrant and is associated with positive spirits and good luck. The henna artists apply it with a henna cone (herbal paste) in an intricate design that turns into a beautiful temporary tattoo once dried. This event is sometimes combined with Sangeet.

What to wear

Guests are usually encouraged to wear bright and colorful ethnic outfits with shades of pink, yellow, orange, etc.
If you are planning on applying mehendi, wear an outfit with short sleeves or no sleeves to make sure that the mehendi on your hand doesn’t stain your outfit.
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THE SANGEET (Musical Night)

 The Sangeet, literally meaning 'music', is a night event filled with dance, music and delicious food. It is a colorful entertaining event where the bride and groom along with their friends and family participate in various dance performances and games focusing on the couple. This event typically happens a few days before the wedding.

What to wear

Guests will most likely be dancing, so try to wear outfits that are comfortable and easy to move in.
For this event, we advise you to wear bright colors. This is also the time you can experiment with your looks by wearing contemporary, indo-western outfits.
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The Baraat precedes Indian wedding ceremonies. This is the large, joyous, outdoor procession when the groom and his family arrive at the wedding venue singing and dancing. The ceremony begins right after, which is filled with traditions and rituals. The friends and family gather around the Mandap to watch the bride and groom as they share their vows to support and love each other.

What to wear

Guests typically refrain form wearing Red, Black or White outfits to the ceremony. Try wearing more traditional Indian outfits such as a Saree, Lehenga or Anarkali.
If the ceremony is outdoor in summer, it will be hot so make sure to wear something airy and do not forget to wear your sunscreen and shades. The guests, especially from the groom’s side, will not have any time to change outfits in between the baraat and the ceremony. So make sure to wear something comfortable in which you can dance as well.
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The Indian wedding reception is very similar to an American reception except for the Indian clothing. This is usually the fanciest of all events. There is a cocktail hour, seated dinner, speeches and of course more dancing. Typically, the newly married couple walks from table to table to greet their guests and make sure everyone is having a great night.

What to wear

For this event, we advise guests to go all out. The guests can wear all colors and styles. This event is a great opportunity to wear your most embellished/ heaviest lehenga, anarkali or gown.
Keep in mind; while it's common to wear the same outfit you wear at the wedding ceremony to the reception at American weddings, this is often not the case for Indian weddings. As a guest, you’ll typically change into a new – more formal outfit for the reception.
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